There’s a lot being touted about at the moment around the concept of abundance, and today I’m having some musings around this.  As I see it, the concept of abundance boiled down is basically that if you want it you’ll get it. OK…. sure you can – if you do the right work for it.

I love some elements of the more ‘woo-woo’ thinking, among the varied and diverse courses and learnings I’ve done over the years I have and numerous forays into this way of thinking and it has hugely impacted my life for the positive.  I absolute love the idea of a positive mindset, let’s face you are bound to feel better and do better if you are thinking positively with a can-do attitude and all that. Related to this is the concept of energy follows thought, which a great friend taught me.  For a long time I struggled to get my head around this, how can energy follow thought? That’s all a bit wafty, and what bearing does that have on the day to day life?

Energy Follows Thought
It’s actually pretty simple, absolutely everything you do starts with a thought – an idea that you are going to do something.  This morning I decided that I was going to write this blog – so that thought became a reality as I sit here typing this.  The same thing goes for the bigger things too – you think about what you want to achieve and put a plan in place and undertake the actions to get you there.  What bugs me with concept of abundance without effort is the thinking that just because it’s out there it’ll come to you – you’ll get lucky and it’ll land in your lap.

No such thing as luck?
I don’t believe that there is any such thing as ‘luck’ when it comes to achieving things, getting lucky is a match of your preparation and opportunity meeting together.  That business deal that you’ve always wanted that you just landed? – you got it because you did the work, you got yourself in the room with that person and proved you could do the project. Success breeds success, once you have proven your worth, with the right effort you can keep on winning at it, but to get you there in the first place comes down to how badly you want it, and what you are prepared to do to get it. So for me that’s about having goals and working towards them.

And yes here we go with goals again, I have a goal that later in the year I will be launching the Zero3 training academy and I have got a bucket load of work to do to get there.  It’s pushing me hugely out of my comfort zone, as although the topics that’ll be covered in the academy are all things I have been doing for years, turning them into guidance and useful tools for others is a whole different ball-game.  It’s exciting but it’s scary AF.

So I have set a bunch of goals, some huge, some small that if done will get me to where I want to be, hopefully they will bring me the luck I need to make the right connections and get it in front of the right people so it becomes a success.  However, if I just sit there thinking about how much I want it I’ll achieve naff all.

So whilst there are some great things about woo-woo thinking it’s the do that gets you there, in my head that gets sung to the tune of Dance the Magic Dance from Labyrinth – The power of woo-woo, who do? you do! Good luck getting that ear-worm out of your head!

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