This week we’ve been doing a lot of work on the first course we are going to be launching, aimed at getting solopreneurs and small business off on the right foot with everything they need to do to make their venture a success, this got me thinking as to what traits and skills are important in this field…

This, for me, is the number one. If you don’t 100% believe in your vision what hope do you have of convincing others about it? Alongside this is the fact that when you announce you are going to do something it is often met with doubt and scepticism by the people around you usually due to their own fears – your changes make them question their own activities – so strong self-belief is required not to be derailed.

Constant Learning
All strong business leaders learn new things all the time, most are avid readers.  Building in a framework of learning into your daily routine is essential to stay ahead of your competition, develop new ideas and your own skill set. There are numerous ways you can do this through books, ebooks, courses, videos, podcasts etc. and there are lots of free or low-cost options available. Where people often fall down is in ‘not having the time’.  I try to use travel time for this end – podcasts in the car, books on the plane; and I schedule time at the start of each day to learn something new before starting my regular work.

Physical Health
There is a saying that if you don’t make time for health you’ll eventually have to make time for illness.  Again not enough time is used as an excuse to not exercise, there are a load of free resources online for home exercise – so not really much of an excuse for a few minutes a day is there? Being in great health in both your body and mind allows you to be more productive, think clearer and have more energy to reach your goals.

In today’s manic world distraction is a huge problem for productivity. Social media and the culture of being instantly accessible all the time gets in the way of creating our best work.  Take some time away from your daily routine when you need to work on something big – go to work in a café or hotel, rent an apartment by the sea for a week and turn off your phone and get it done.

Value Driven
Great businesses deliver more than the customer expects. Too many businesses focus on scarcity – not enough time, not enough money, focusing on what the competition are doing rather than their own work for their customers. Great businesses are driven by a personal mission and are not fuelled by income – their ideas deliver, joy, efficiency or some other benefit for their customers and that comes first – making money is important for the business to stay alive but is not the main driver behind a great business.

So where do you fit? Which of these skills and traits do you have in your business?

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