This week’s blog is about writers block and how to get things moving again.  It came about when I was musing about what to write for this week and first off came up with…… crickets…. Hello brain anyone in?

Writer’s block, so well there’s a topic right there that everyone struggles with in some form or another some of the time – whether its writing copy for a sales brochure, a difficult email, a blog or a news piece for your website.

So, what helps? Below are some of the things I use to get it all moving again…

  • Throw a load of stuff onto a page write down any points you know about the topic you want to write about, or if you are stuck for a topic write down 10 things your company, you, your product are good at – whatever helps you to get moving on what you need to write, and then expand from there.
  • Keep notes the rest of the time – an idea pops into your head? Write it down – put it into a notebook, a note in your phone, or record a voice message. Then you can refer back to these later when you need to get started. Try the habit of writing down a few ideas a day in your notebook, most will be useless, but some won’t be – this gives you a library to refer to later.
  • Get outside – go for a walk, go to a local coffee shop and don’t think about it – often ideas start to flow when you least expect it, so don’t try too hard. Admittedly this may not be the best solution if you are on a tight deadline, but if you have time it does work.  Keep a small notepad or use notes on your phone to jot down ideas as they come when you are out and about.  And if you are out and can’t write it down?  Just try to remember one key word from your thought which will hopefully prompt you when you get back to writing
  • Just start writing – a blank word document is one of the most daunting things, just start writing anything even if it is about how you can’t think of what to write, as you start hopefully content will flow and then you can go back and edit out the junk.
  • Head to the internet – social media can be a huge time thief but is can also generate loads of ideas. Set yourself a time limit (very important otherwise you can easily spend hours reading memes and watching random videos about giraffes) and head to some groups or pages related to what you do and scroll through the content and see what ideas spark.  Obviously, the content you then write does need to be your own.  Ask questions in a group and see what help you can get from others.
  • Get off the computer – grab a piece of paper and coloured pens and put a question in the middle of the page and answer it. So if you were writing a company sales brochure try what would my customers want to know about my company? Than write down every answer you can think of – post-it notes are great for this as you can pick them up and move them around to create groups and subheadings around topics later.

So that said. I now need to go and write a load of copy for a client sales brochure, now, where are the post-its and coloured pens?

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