This weeks’ blog is late – which is terrible.  I had fully planned to get it written over the weekend, but then ‘I didn’t get time’.  Well that’s not true, there is always ‘time’ what there isn’t always is priorities, and in my case my priority was getting some website functionality set up for a fundraiser project and delivering a client project on-site yesterday – so both worthy excuses; however, that’s all ‘I haven’t got time’ means – it is an excuse.

Which brings me to focus, especially when trying to plan something big.  We are currently working on our first online course, and as you can imagine there is an awful lot of content lurking about that needs organising and creating requiring a lot of focus required to keep it on track.  Large projects are both notoriously hard to start, and even harder to get finished – let alone on deadline, these are the things we have done to keep ourselves on track with it:

Hire an accountability coach – every two weeks we have a skype call with our coach, to talk through where we are, and what we are going to get done for the next call.  And woe betide us if we haven’t done it – ‘I haven’t had time’ is not an acceptable answer here!

Scoping and Planning – Generally when starting a large project, you have a pretty good idea of the big ticket topics which are required in it; what is harder to do is to structure the actual content.  So here’s what we do…. Get a big piece of paper and write the headline topic at the top.  Take a bunch of post–it notes and write on them on everything you can think of to do with that topic and stick them to the paper, then once you have everything down, take the post-its and group them into categories – and there you go – a content plan that you can revise and work through.

Set a deadline – creating a deadline helps to force action, having a reason to get something done other than ‘I want to’ makes things happen.  Take the fund-raiser I mentioned earlier.  Agreeing to do this has meant that I have had to sort out a load of website admin on an e-commerce store I had planned to go live with at some point.  Without the fundraiser this project would most likely still be sat unfinished at the end of the year, despite me ‘wanting’ to get it done.  So again – all about priorities.

So that’s it in a nutshell, now time to go catch up on all those emails that came in yesterday whilst I was out doing other things… email management – there’s a blog for another time!!

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