This week is going to be interesting, after what feels like months of planning and talking about it I’m actually about to sit down and write the materials for our new academy course – well it might be a course, it might be an Ebook – until I start writing I’m not actually sure – it’ll be whatever makes the most sense to get the information across in the easiest way.

I’m a big believer in getting away to create new work; for me I don’t think you can create new and original thinking for yourself in the same spaces you normally work in.  So I’m off to Brighton, staying with a friend and working at her flat while she goes out to work.

It is often said we get our best ideas when we are not looking for them – in places outside of our normal work environments.  Why?  Because we crave novelty, new things and excitement. So off to Brighton it is – if I get stuck – there is the lure of the seafront.

To make the best use of the time?  First off some planning. I’ve written before about how to structure materials to create them – using post-it notes and coloured pens. That bit is done, so now it’s time to make a file with all my notes, doodles and source materials, bundle it all off and head to the seaside.

Then to avoid writers block?  Take each piece of content that needs to be written and just start writing it – time frame it and get something on the word document.  Not editing – just writing, editing can come later.  And work to a timeframe – by 11am Tea and biscuit stop  section xx will be drafted.  Without time-framing there is a distinct possibility of sitting on Facebook and wondering why it is lunchtime and as yet nothing has been written.

Accountability – I will be telling my friend what I am going to have written that day, and I’m pretty sure she’ll have something to say if she gets back and it’s not done.

So planning, writing, time-framing and accountability – see you the other side!

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