These last few weeks have been so busy, some downtime consuming a vast number of Easter eggs and being away competing with the dogs and sorting out a number of new client projects. It leads me to think about how to find focus and priority in an ever busier world, and getting things done for right now vs the things that need doing for the future.

I use an adapted version of a process called 60/30/10 which I learnt from a guy called Dan Meredith. I have a busy brain and find it hard to focus on just one thing at a time, as a result I usually have a number of projects on the go at any given time, on top of the client work I have, and I can easily suffer from ‘new shiny things’ distractions.  Right now I have a new business focus for the main Zero3 Marketing business, getting the materials written for the Zero3 Academy and launching a clothing range, which is quite a lot of stuff. Dan’s method helps me to manage my time and make sure that I am putting in proportionate amounts of effort where I should.

For me is it goes like this (slightly different to the focus in Dan’s original – but that’s the point of these sort of methods, you take them and adapt them to suit your needs). Depending on the priorities at any given time the percentages can vary, but right now its:

70% of my time is spent on the main Zero3 Business, my clients and their projects, getting future clients and getting the daily things done.

20% of my time is spent on the academy, it is less of an immediate priority but is a significant part of the future for me.

10% of my time is spend on the clothing range, essentially it’s a side ‘hobby’ business but it ticks some boxes for me around creativity and having control over the artwork I produce.  Basically it’s fun.

And then I schedule the timeframes into the diary and away I go. For me this gives an structured way of making sure I put enough effort into the day to day work whilst also making sure that the business moves forward and doesn’t stagnate.

Let me know if it works for you!

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