There’s a song about that, but don’t worry this week is not going to be a musical feature, because no one needs to hear that!

No, this piece is about not being able to have everything.  Recently I’ve been doing a lot of quote work for new clients and noticed the same things…  people want good, they want it cheap, and they want it fast.  Nope, you only get two out of three, and even then one of those is debatable.

You have can have good and fast but be prepared to pay a premium for it, and you can have cheap and fast but it’s not likely to be any good. The last one? good and cheap but it’s going to take longer? Yes you can have this but question whether you should.

The point of this?  Don’t devalue your services and your skills, even if you really need the sale, good is worth paying for. There is a tendency to think, ‘oh it’s only a 5 minute job to you so should therefore be cheap’.  Don’t forget all the hours and hours of training and experience that got you to be able to create something in 5 minutes.  That’s something that’s worth paying for.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t do people favours, of course you can, as long as they are for the right reasons and that you still value your own time and work. Ask yourself why am I doing this for free, or for less?  As long as you are happy with the response as it’s something like “I want to help this person’, ‘I believe in what they are doing’ or it’s something of mutual benefit then you are good.  If it’s because you don’t think your work isn’t good enough, or you really need the money think about whether to do it or not it is actually in your best interests.  People value things they pay a premium for, make sure they value you.

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